Ready-to-Go IoT Solutions

Medium One offers pre-built integrated solutions to easily build IoT apps for a variety of vertical segments

Our Ready-to-Go Apps are fully working reference designs and product concepts; ready for you to use, as is, or customize to meet your specific needs.  We provide a fully integrated solution for building a variety of IoT Apps that you can then white label.  Starting with an out-of-the-box solution enables you to hit the ground running and dramatically shortens your Time-to-Market and customization costs.

Pricing starts at $400/month and is the same whether you use one of our ready-to-go solutions or start from scratch using our                  .


with Renesas AE-CLOUD2

The IoT Product Builder Kit is a full end-to-end solution pre-built by Medium One.  Designed for companies that need to rapidly deploy a prototype or Proof of Concept (PoC), this ready-to-go solution kit gives you an easy path to production.  It enables time-to-market measure in days, giving developers, administrators and end users all the features needed to deploy an IoT Application.  This out-of-the-box solution kit goes way beyond your typical development kits!


Industrial Equipment Monitoring

Asset Tracking



with Reference Design Kit

Medium One's Long-Range Asset Tracking Solution is a complete end-to-end solution with LORA reference design kit from Renesas.   The kit includes Air Quality, Humidity, Pressure, Temperature, Light and Location sensors, GPS, and WiFi gateway to connect end sensor data to the cloud. Location and sensor data is transmitted to the "Dots on a Map" User Portal.  The user portal and reference design can be easily customized for your application.  


Golf course tracking, assets on campus, service, etc.


for Kiosk and Digital Signage

Our facial recognition solution gives customers a reference design for smart digital signage.  The hardware kit includes a camera and Ethernet based embedded linux kit from Renesas.  It captures the Gender, Age and Demographics of people infront of your digital sign and presents a customized banner.  The accompanying web application enables your digital marketing team to upload the data and target your banners to match the right persona.  The application also includes analytics about the people infront of your kiosk such as the length of time they spent viewing your banner.  


  • Full turnkey with kiosk:  We've partnered with APSM, a leading Kiosk manufacturer and digital signage company, to provide a full turnkey hardware solution.  

  • Or you can take the kit and connect to our cloud API and Dashboard.


Retail advertisement, quick serve restaurants, hotel and hospitalize, banking, etc

LONG RANGE BLE 5 Sensor and Gateway Solution

Medium One's Long Range BLE 5 sensor and gateway solution is a production ready kit (with enclosure) that includes Motion, Temperature, Humidity & Pressure sensors that transmits data via WiFi gateway to the SensorFeed cloud application.  The app is ready to use, as is.  Or it can be modified along with the hardware, for a completely customized solution, from design through manufacturing.  We have partnered with Fanstel, who have 20+ years of product design and manufacturing expertise.


Hotel, commercial real estate, home monitoring, remote monitoring



Conference Room Finder

This is an end-to-end application for finding available conference rooms.  It's based on the popular S5D9 Fast Prototyping Kit from Renesas.  We use motion and voice detection sensors to determine if a room is occupied. 

 The app has analytics on environmental conditions and sends alerts.  You can use SMS and type "Spot" to find the nearest available conference room.


This is a complete reference design, ready to integrate into any office environment.



Hotel, commercial real estate, home monitoring, remote monitoring



Medium One has equipped factories with sensors to automate monitoring of their machines in order to improve operational efficiency.  We have dashboard and analytics to monitor specific KPIs that are essential for factories.  Our dashboards are designed to display full screen on overhead TV displays making it easy for managers on the factory floor to track overall machine productivity.  Data ingestion can come from multiple sources such as ERP systems, sensors and PLCs.  We've integrated with a variety of industrial hardware.


How to get started:

  • Have a specific need?  Contact us and we'll have an industrial automation specialist reach out to you.

  • Or contact us for a free consultation.  



Factory automation, building automation, facilities and Smart City

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