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Sheldon Manufacturing is a leading manufacturer of laboratory equipment for the life sciences, electronics, and aerospace markets. The ability to remotely monitor processes and receive alerts in the event of an alarm is a feature-set frequently requested by Sheldon customers. In response to this, the company wanted to IoT enable its product lines, providing stronger value to customers and greater ROI for the company.



Enabling a product with IoT features is a complex undertaking. Key challenges included:


Time to Market: With a goal of delivering a pilot project within months, Sheldon needed a path to quickly enable its product lines.


Lack of Cloud Expertise: Sheldon has full in-house electronic control design capabilities with years of experience using Renesas microcontrollers as the heart of their controllers. However, the company does not possess the expertise to architect and build a cloud-based IoT application or the budget to assemble an in-house team.


Agility: Product design cycles are shorter than ever and requirements vary across each of the Sheldon brands. This made it critical for Sheldon to find an agile development path to optimize time-to-market and costs. Especially as the company is adding IoT expansion ports to all its new products and developing its own IoT gateway device. This device will need to connect to a cloud platform readily accessible by end-users in laboratories and production facilities.


Technology Challenges: Sheldon needed a technology partner who understands the requirements of IoT including data security, privacy, scalability, SLA, and data intelligence.


User Access and Management: Sheldon's ecosystem of users and device operators spans laboratories, factory, and production environments. This requires flexibility to manage users and permissions to fit varying usage models.

A Solution with Medium One


The obvious answer to these challenges was Medium One. Medium’s cloud platform provided Sheldon Manufacturing with an out-of-the-box solution that could be rapidly implemented. HighPoint Design, Sheldon’s internal design division, utilized Medium One’s jumpstart kit program to prototype an IoT solution and quickly connect an incubator with a user-accessible website.

“Achieving an IoT enabled product line in a timely fashion was made possible by teaming with Renesas and Medium One.  Their IoT Product Builder Kit took us from ground zero to near production readiness in just weeks.” 

Steve Dillier

Director of New Product Development

High Point Design

Sheldon Manufacturing



Remotely monitor lab equipment and send alerts in the event of an alarm


Quickly add IoT technology while still meeting time-to-market goals


Utilize Medium One's cloud platform with Renesas' AE-Cloud2 IoT Product Builder Kit


Sheldon's Medical Incubator was IoT enabled in just two weeks



  • Sheldon utilized the near production ready Renesas AE-Cloud2 IoT Product Builder kit to integrate incubators to the Medium One IoT Sandbox for Renesas Kits in a matter of days.

  • Sheldon deployed a portal for end-customers in a matter of weeks customized to the incubator and branded for Sheldon’s SHEL LAB laboratory product family. This portal offers remote monitoring of life science processes and flexible alerts when alarms occur.

  • Sheldon is now able to scale and IoT enable other product lines using this agile approach.

  • Medium One was able to provide high ROI and deliver a powerful solution just weeks after being contacted.

Company Background

Sheldon Manufacturing, Inc. is an ISO 9001:2008 certified manufacturer of high quality and innovative equipment to the global market since 1970. Major product lines include incubators, humidity test chambers, ovens, water and bead baths, and anaerobic chambers for the life science, pharmaceutical, biomedical, environmental and industrial markets. Sheldon Manufacturing markets a complete line of products under the SHEL LAB, BACTRON, Lab Armor, Cascade TEK, and Visu brands, which complement their OEM manufacturing capabilities.

About HighPoint Design


High Point Design is a wholly owned subsidiary of Sheldon Manufacturing that specializes in the design of electronic and mechanical systems - from concept through manufacturing.  In addition to designing and manufacturing controls for Sheldon products, HighPoint designs and manufactures private labeled products for its clients.  HighPoint branded products are expanding Sheldon’s reach into new markets outside of life sciences.  

Contact for HighPoint Design:



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