Medium One Products

Medium One provides an end-to-end IoT Platform,

complete with User Portal to simplify your path to production while providing your customers with the best experience possible


IoT Data Intelligence

Medium One provides a cloud-based platform that enables developers to send event data via our API, which in turn triggers workflows in real-time.  Workflows are based on python scripts that simply call built-in Medium One libraries and services.  It’s that easy!  Just create your own python-based workflows and instantly start processing your data.  We provide the Intelligence on every event in real-time!

Flexible Real-Time Workflows

Create workflows on-the-fly using our slick pre-built templates.  Easily customize using python scripting.  Focus on your application logic and let us take care of the rest!



Utilize the power of big data within your workflows.  Real-time personal and global analytics are directly built into our platform. User data and global data are at your fingertips!

Device Built-in Identity Management

Our API driven identity management means you can have apps or devices send their own data.  This enables security and personalized workflows.

User Portal

Our User Portal is a customizable front end to your IoT application.  This is where all your customer profiles and information are handled.  The User Portal connects automatically to our IoT Data Intelligence Platform.  Designed with flexibility in mind, it easily handles changes to your production requirements, payment handling, and customization.

Customer Facing Dashboards

Present your application with style and ease!  Build customizable dashboards using HTML and Angular JS.  We have built-in libraries to connect your dashboards to the necessary data source from our data intelligence platform.

Pre-built Multi-Tenancy, Roles and Permissions

We solved the critical and cumbersome task of creating a multi-tenant environment with user roles and permissions.  You get an out-of-the-box User Portal that enables your customers to self register, create their own tenant and invite other users with assigned roles.

Payment Integration


We know how important it is to  monetize your application.  That's why we've integrated Stripe's credit card payment system so you can easily collect subscription fees from your customers.  It's super simple to configure, no programming required.


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