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Nordic Thingy:52 + Raspberry Pi 3 Ready-to-Go Kit Quick Start Guide

Updated: May 15


This Kit includes a Nordic Thingy and Raspberry Pi 3 board. You will be connecting the Nordic Thingy to the Raspberry Pi via Bluetooth and the Raspberry Pi will send data from the Nordic Thingy to the cloud over Ethernet or WiFi. You then can log in and visualize the data on Medium One, a cloud service we provide with built-in tools you can use with your data.

In this Quick Start Guide, you will:

  1. Set up your Nordic Thingy

  2. Set up your Raspberry Pi

  3. Set up widgets on your Medium One Dashboard to visualize the data

  4. Build a workflow to send alerts to your phone and email if the pedometer detects steps have been taken

Here’s what you need to get started:

  1. Nordic Thingy:52 Development Kit and Raspberry Pi 3 Ready-to-Go Kit [Buy]

Important - Before You Begin

This kit is preprogrammed to connect to our legacy cloud Sandbox account. If you have purchased this kit, we'll need to link you to our new cloud platform. Please ignore the login credentials provided in the kit - the steps below will explain how to get your new credentials.

Step 1: Connect your Nordic Thingy and Raspberry Pi 3

Find your Micro SD card in your Kit. Plug it into your Raspberry Pi. Plug in the Ethernet cable. (note: if you want to connect your RPI to the cloud over WiFi instead, please refer to this guide)

Turn on the Raspberry Pi by plugging in one of the USB Minis in your Kit and connecting it to a power source. 

Wait two minutes for the Pi to finishing booting up.

Now, power on your Nordic Thingy. You will need to take off the black rubber box, and find the switch on the inside (outlined in red pictured below). If the switch does not turn it on, it may be out of batteries. In this case, plug it in via USB mini port (green outline pictured below). Note: The Nordic Thingy only charges when it is plugged in AND the switch is turned to on.

You should see a green light blinking after a couple moments. You may see a blue light blinking beforehand, meaning the Nordic Thingy is looking for something to pair with. If it does not eventually go to the green light, make sure your Raspberry Pi is on and running.

Once it shows the green light, congratulations! It has paired with the Raspberry Pi.

Step 2. Link your RPI to the new Medium One IoT platform

To link your RPI to the new Medium One IoT Platform, you'll need to send us the login.txt stored on your RPI. We'll send you a new login.txt file and further instructions.

  1. With the RPI plugged in a connected to the Internet, open a Terminal window.

  2. Type "hostname -I" in the Terminal and press enter. This should return the IP address of the RPI.

  3. Type "ssh pi@<IP address>" into the Terminal with the IP address you obtained in the previous step. If it asks for a password, type "raspberry".

  4. Once you have ssh'd into the RPI, obtain the login.txt file located at /m1/login.txt. Email the file or its contents to Please also mention that you're using the Nordic Thingy kit.

  5. We will send you a new login.txt file with further instructions and account login

Step 3. Visualize the Nordic Thingy Data

Important: You cannot follow this step until you get your new credentials from Medium One. Go to this tutorial and follow "Step 5. Set up your Dashboard".

Step 4. Build a Workflow

Important: You cannot follow this step until you get your new credentials from Medium One.

Go to this tutorial and follow "Step 6. Build a Workflow".

Congratulations! You have connected your bluetooth Nordic Thingy:52 device to the cloud using Ethernet over a Raspberry Pi 3. 

Want to learn more about what Medium One can do? Check out our documentation and tutorials & get started on your next IoT project!

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