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How to Reflash your YWireless RX111 Board

When would I need to reflash my board?

If your board is connected to a power source but the heartbeat (LED D5) is not blinking after power-on, then the firmware may need to be reflashed. Note that the heartbeat LED may not blink if a sensor module is not inserted in the correct port, if it the sensor is inserted upside down, or if the jumper wires are put in the wrong position. Make sure you have verified these connections before reflashing the RX111 board. The below steps detail how to reset the board to the factory configuration.

Reflashing steps:

  1. Save the configuration file that came with the YWireless board.

  2. Download the hex file for your kit.

  3. Using two jumper cables, connect pin 2 (GND) to pin 7 (MD) and pin 10 (UB#) to pin 12 (GND) (see image below).

  1. Connect the board to your computer using the USB cable provided in the kit.

  2. Press and release the reset button – the heartbeat LED should be solid red and not be blinking.

  3. Load the Renesas Flash Programmer. Download link: Link (Windows only)

  4. Create a new project, and select the RX100 microcontroller and “USB direct” communication tool(the project name is arbitrary).

  5. Under Program File, select the hex file that you downloaded earlier.

  6. Click Connect, and you should see a “Operation Completed” in the Flash Programmer Console.

  7. Click Start and wait for the board to be flashed. If successful, you will see a green OK next to the Start button.

  8. Remove the jumper cables and press reset. Windows Explorer should now open a window of the newly recognized USB drive with the factory demo configuration file.

  9. To apply the configuration of your previous project, overwrite the factory demo configuration file with the kit configuration file that was provided in email upon kit activation.

Your board is now ready!

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