The IoT Product Builder Kit is a full end-to-end solution pre-built by Medium One.  Designed for companies that need to rapidly deploy a prototype or Proof of Concept (PoC), this ready-to-go solution kit gives you an easy path to production.  It enables time-to-market measure in days, giving developers, administrators and end users all the features needed to deploy an IoT Application.  This out-of-the-box solution kit goes way beyond your typical development kits!

Includes 2 AE-CLOUD2 boards with:

   • Onboard sensors

   • WiFi, Cell, Ethernet option

   • Pre-flashed firmware

   • GPIO to Cloud enabled

   • ADC to Cloud enabled

   • UART to Cloud enabled

   • Camera optional add-on

   • Cellular SIM for AT&T USA​

  • Pre-configured dedicated cloud portal per kit

  • Ready for branding and customization

  • Boards pre-setup and linked to the dedicated portal

  • Pre-built workflows (Python) and dashboards (HTML/JS)

  • 3 Months of Medium One services and SIM*

Customer Use Case: Sheldon Manufacturing Enables Medical Incubators

User Portal Features


The IoT Product Builder includes pre-built end-user portal features.  The User Portal is ready for customization and branding; simply upload your logo and images.  The pre-created dashboard pages are editable to change the HTML to match your application.  Here are some of the pre-built features included:






User Portal Administrator and Developer Features


The IoT Product Builder includes administrator account access to truly make the application your own.  Here are some of the things you can do to customize your IoT portal.

Manage Customer Accounts such as business name or property

Manage End User Account (individuals)

Manage Devices

Manage Device Types

Manage Device Access

Edit Dashboard HTML / JS

Change Logo and Background Images

Fast & Flexible Development


Medium One developers built the platform to make life easier for our fellow developers.  The pre-built workflows and dashboard source code is available for editing in our web-based IDE.  It serves as a great reference to dramatically reduce any developers learning curve.  The source code for the Renesas AE-CLOUD2 project is also open sourced and made available with the kit.


Pre-built workflows power the business logic.  Workflows are developed in Python and offer the ability to integrate with 3rd party services, build custom business logic, communicate with devices and access analytics and insights to make real-time decisions.


Pre-built Dashboards are developed in HTML and JS.  Easily modify the sections and customize to your needs.  Utilize the Medium One JS API to access user and device data to power the dashboard.  Also build mobile pages for your portal to complete the end user experience.

IoT Product Builder Kit

Pre-Built End-to-End Application with Renesas AE-CLOUD2


Advantages of Kit


Use the IoT Product Builder Kit to get your MVP built in a day, run a trial program for three months, and then seamlessly take your validated smart connected product to production without having to change anything.  You already have the keys to the car, simply contact Medium One to keep it. Enter into an affordable Medium One service agreement to continue beyond the initial three month period. It’s never been easier to take that great IoT idea you have in your head and make it a reality.


Includes 3 months of Medium One subscription

  • 400k events per day 

  • 400k workflow credits per day
  • 3 months AT&T data service with 5mb per month per device


Cost:  $1800

  • Option to extend Medium One services at $400/month

  • Option to add additional AE-CLOUD2 kits

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