Our Technology

Medium One provides an end-to-end IoT Platform to simplify your path to production.  

We bring all the complex pieces of IoT under one umbrella so you don't need to spend your valuable time developing or integrating point tools together. 

Create your next IoT project with one of our Ready-to-Go Solutions

We offer pre-built solutions in a variety of IoT segments so you can quickly go-to-market with your IoT application.

or Build your own IoT Solution using our Data Intelligence Platform and User Portal

We also provide Jumpstart Device Kits so you can rapidly build your next IoT prototype.


with Reference Design Kit

Medium One's Long-Range Asset Tracking Solution is a complete end-to-end solution with LORA reference design kit from Renesas.   The kit includes Air Quality, Humidity, Pressure, Temperature, Light and Location sensors, GPS, and WiFi gateway to connect end sensor data to the cloud.


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